Freemasonry arrived in Australia soon after settlement in 1788.

Lodge Southern Cross was dedicated on 8 July 1881, at the Camelia Grove Hotel, Alexandria, and was named Lodge Southern Cross Alexandria by the District Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, the first Master being Worshipful Brother J. W. Evans.

The Charter of the Lodge was received at a meeting on the 30 December, 1881, the former meetings having been held under dispensation, the number of the Charter being No. 664, Scottish Constitution.

In February, 1882, the Lodge meetings were transferred to the Town Hall, Alexandria. Meetings continued to be held at the Town Hall until March, 1883. A removal was made to the Freemasons’ Hall, York Street, Sydney, and the office of Alexandria was deleted from the Charter.

When the amalgamation of Grand Lodges took place in 1888, transfer was made to the Masonic Hall, Castlereagh Street.

Due to demolition and re-building of the Masonic Temple at Castlereagh Street, the Lodge transferred to the Mascot Masonic Temple in August 1972.

Lodge Southern Cross returned to the newly built Sydney Masonic Centre on 13 February, 1979.

Lodge Southern Cross is unique amongst Lodges in New South Wales in that it holds three Charters: Grand Lodge of Scotland No 664, Grand Lodge of New South Wales No 30, and the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory No 91.

Incorporation of Lodges

In November, 1888, a meeting was held in conjunction with Lodge Southern Cross, No. 30, N.S.W. Constitution, which was formed in 1883, when it was decided to amalgamate the two Lodges, the first Wor. Master being Wor. Bro. A. Wines, membership being 36; the present membership is now 107.

In February, 1986, Lodge Toxteth No. 533 consolidated with Lodge Southern Cross No. 91 under the Charter of Lodge Southern Cross No. 91. On 11 November, 1987, Lodge N. J. McDonald No. 587 consolidated with Lodge Southern Cross No. 91 under the Charter of Lodge Southern Cross No. 91.

On 11 January 1994, Lodge Burns St. David 534 consolidated with Lodge Southern Cross 91 under the Charter of Lodge Southern Cross 91.

Long Serving Secretaries

From 1881 to 2003, a period of 122 years, there have been seven Secretaries, the first being Brother T. Alphen, in 1881. The following year he was installed in the Chair; then followed Worshipful Brother Brighton (13 years), Worshipful Brother J. W. B. Bullow (40 years), Worshipful Brother W. Watts (19 years). Very Worshipful Brother H. C. F. Fisher (17 years), Very Worshipful Brother C. C. Roy (10 years) and now Right Worshipful Brother Peter Court.

Times of Conflict

During the First World War 14 of its members were on active service and 53 members on active service in World War II.

A Daughter Lodge in 2015!

Lodge Toxteth No. 533 was consolidated into Lodge Southern Cross No. 91 in 1986 but because Southern Cross has grown steadily, the decision to sponsor a Daughter Lodge was made, and Lodge Toxteth was Consecrated on 26 September 2015. They meet at Petersham Masonic Temple and are online at https://lodgetoxteth.org.

A Philosophy Of Life For Today

Today, Lodge Southern Cross Masons offers men an opportunity to search for further light – a light that is a knowledge of our world and our place in it. Our Masonic light is obtained through introspection, study, and education. Through Masonic education, we develop our skills and transform them into something better. Lodge Southern Cross continues the process of transforming good men into better men.