Builders of Nations, Cradle of Heroes

When you become, or affiliate, with a Masonic Lodge you are making an investment of time and resources into your choice. We believe that Lodge Southern Cross is your best choice for membership or affiliation because:

  • We are creating a lodge that better serves you in your masonic journey, helping you through resources and education to become a better Freemason and a builder of communities;
  • We work on finding new ways to attract and incorporate new Lodge Southern Cross members, and provide you with a genuine welcome and options for getting involved. We educate our members and visitors, providing them with comfortable access to the philosophy of Freemasonry, and integrate them into the life of the Lodge.

Our masonic education programs include Discovering, Deepening and Applying.

  • Discovering is an introduction to the philosophy of Freemasonry.
  • Deepening is the next step when you have a basic understanding of the Masonic philosophy.
  • Applying is practical integration of the Masonic philosophy within the world that surrounds us.
  • We provide assistance to our members by providing tools which assist you to develop your Personal, Spiritual, Intellectual and Community skills.
  • We support a masonic formation program for our members, who are the future of Lodge Southern Cross. Looking creatively at the definition of masonic formation in a changing world and culture to involve our new members in Masonic life in all its forms is a priority and a challenge for our Fraternity.

If you like what we are providing to our members then you should consider joining or affiliating with Lodge Southern Cross. If you want to be the change that you want to see in the world then Click Here or you can  Click Here to contact the Lodge Membership Officer