United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT

Other Lodges that meet nearby (for a full list check with the Grand Lodge website)

Masonic Orders NSW

These appendant Orders require a member to have been a Master Mason for at least two years. Some may be invitation only, or have additional qualifications.

They are optional for a Freemason and are usually based on a particular theme of interest. Master Masons may join as many or few as their time and interests allow.

Recommended Reading

We try each day to devote some time to Masonic thought – here’s some great books on symbolic / philosophical Freemasonry. Think for yourself. The Truth is out there…


Charity is a very important part of Freemasonry. As long as you can afford it without impacting your life and family. Also Charity is not just giving $$ – volunteering is very important too.

Interesting things

We like stuff.

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