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Your lifelong entry into the worlds foremost brotherhood of ethical men is about to start here

As a masonic community or brotherhood of Freemasons based in Sydney, Australia, we’re passionate about transforming the lives of young men of good character who want to build on their strengths, become more productive community focused men of today, and the community leaders of tomorrow.

Lodge Southern Cross is the place where you can explore the principles and history of Freemasonry. You can also find out about the social, economic and historical impact that Lodge Southern Cross has had on Sydney since 1881. We’re part of the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory

Our trademark is integrity, and the best known symbol of our integrity is the square and the compasses, proudly displayed on our headquarters at the Sydney Masonic Centre and on the lapel of our active brothers in the community.

Lodge Southern Cross is made up of young men of integrity who proudly work and serve as Freemasons. We don’t usually outwardly demonstrate our charity with glitzy public donations, we roll up our sleeves and quietly work as a team for the betterment of all mankind. We believe in alleviating the pain and suffering of people in their times of need and sharing brotherhood in times of celebration. We meet at the Sydney Masonic Centre and members come from all walks of life regardless of nationality, creeds, sexuality or religious/spiritual traditions.

One message we want to let you know is that Freemasonry makes good men better through association with other brothers, men with a high regard for honesty, integrity, brotherly love, and the pursuit of truth. By becoming a Freemason at Lodge Southern Cross, Sydney, Australia, you take a step towards becoming a better, resourced and connected men.

Our emphasis is on fun, fellowship, personal improvement, community involvement, lodge involvement and the opportunity to network with men of integrity and similar interests.

If you are a man with a good public and personal reputation then Lodge Southern Cross is the place you should be.


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